Author: soulmelt

Can’t seem to sell your old fine jewellery? Broken and missing bits, gems damaged or lost? You might like to consider sending your old, damaged or unwanted jewellery pieces here as perhaps I can make sure they go to a good home. Just let me know first at and send me a picture so Read More

Is your piece really that ethical? You will see labels declared in any media such as ‘environmentally conscious’, ‘locally sourced’ and ‘ethical’ but they are all very blurry categorisations and anyone can use these labels in their advertising material without consequence. If at any point you decide to question whether your desired piece of jewellery Read More

Recycled diamonds

Diamonds, like religion and politics, is a complex subject to talk about. Unfortunately resources that are most valued brings with it the most abuse of just about every kind. Your diamond purchase unfortunately has far reaching ripple effects. When someone says a diamond is ‘conflict free’, it’s not really a particularly high standard to claim Read More

Why not lab gems?

I currently don’t use lab gems as you will find very little return for your investment. Lab gems become dramatically cheaper overtime as the technology optimises which doesn’t help create a circular market (think mobile phones). Lab gems can be made in places where the environment is of little concern and work practices are slack. Read More