The process…

Email to book your free 30-minute design consultation. During the consultation we will chat about the personal vision you have for your new piece, the stones and metals you would like, various textures and shapes and your price limit.

I will send you a few preliminary designs at a range of prices for your comparison and a rough cost estimate to create each design as a guide.

If you want to take things further, a $100 deposit is required to initiate an accurate design phase. It is here we talk often, make lots of changes, get very specific and choose a final design and materials, textures and shapes. I will give you a detailed quote with the exact cost of materials and the exact cost of labour. We may roughly construct the piece in a cheap material to get a feel for size which is what most people struggle with.

If you want to go ahead with the piece, a payment for materials will be required. I will update you often to let you know how things are going and when it is finished. Usually within six weeks. It may not be possible to make changes to your design after this point but if it is possible the labour costs will most likely increase.

When labour costs are paid in full and I will ship your item.

We feel this process is best to guarantee you are happy with your piece. Bespoke items are not returnable.


A free ring sizer can be posted to you or perhaps you have a favourite ring you know the size of already.


All prices are in Australian Dollars


Payment must be made in full for all items before they will be shipped. Bespoke items are non-returnable.

Payment is made using paypal or direct bank account transfer.

Faults in Workmanship

Any faults that appear in workmanship or material within six months will be repaired, replaced or refunded. Only high-quality materials are used in making my jewellery but no material is indestructible, metal will weaken if frequently bent and can break.

Scratches, chips and dents will occur if you don’t take care of your jewellery.

You accept that wear and tear on jewellery is an inevitable part of owning and wearing jewellery.


I only repair jewellery I have made.

Changes to Bespoke Jewellery

Only the fit of the piece of bespoke jewellery can be changed.

Changes to the design or function of bespoke jewellery are made in the drawing stage and not after the piece has been made. Every effort is taken to make sure you are not disappointed and have a good very specific ideas about how the piece is going to look before it is constructed.